I have to admit: I’m ashamed.

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to write a new blog at least once a month.

I failed. Utterly. But, am I downhearted? Well, yes actually, but I’m still going to make the same resolution all over again. They say it’s a sign of a pathological personality that you do the same things and expect different results. Since I don’t plan to be hailed as a psychopath I’d better not do the same thing. In other words, I’d better actually do it this year. And since this first one is in the last week of the month (phew! just scraped in under the line) I’ll make that my target time too. As for topics? Who knows. Whatever I choose the idea is to┬ástimulate a moment’s thought about something to do with life in general and business life in particular.

So here goes:

This morning I went to a Flash Networking event organised by Knowsley Chamber of Commerce. We’ve been members of the Chamber for years and I can’t speak highly enough of their constant efforts to provide useful content for members. The thing that makes Flash Networking different from other such events is that you don’t stand in two lines and endlessly repeat the same information about yourself: you sit round tables in manageable-sized groups and discuss interesting business topics. This morning there were two topics: What did I do right? and What would I do differently? As you would expect there was a lot of agreement round the room about the different pearls of wisdom but nevertheless they’re worth repeating. Good ideas from Flash Networking 26_1_16.

Happy reading. And thinking. And doing.

All the best



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